Cleaning & Healing Agents

  • Sea Salt diluted (¼ teaspoon sea salt -to- 8oz of cup warm water).
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Emu Oil

Cleaning Supplies

  • Organic Cotton Balls
  • Cotton Swabs 
  • Nitrile Gloves (Not Required)

How & When

  • Soak Piercing for 3 minutes using a cotton ball soaked in a Sea Salt Solution.
  • Clean piercing 2x daily using recommended cleaning agents.  
  • Clean Water Soak during showers!

What Not To Do

  • DO NOT touch your piercing. 
  • DO NOT use isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  • DO NOT Sleep on your piercing. 

Cleaning Krusties

  • Clean krusties in the morning and night!
  • Soak piercing using recommended cleaning agents.
  • Gently remove Krusties using a cotton swab soaked in a recommended cleaning agent. 

Piercing Bumps

  • DO NOT try to pop, cut, or pick at your bump!
  • If any more issues develop, refer your questions to any one of our contact methods. 

Oral Piercings

  • Swelling is normal!
  • Keep your tongue level while eating. 
  • Use a alcohol-free mouthwash 2x daily and after meals. 

"Exotic" Piercings

  • Clean piercing 2x-3x per day using a Sea Salt Solution.
  • Soak Piercing 2x per day in a Sea Salt Solution for 3 minutes.
  • Avoid oral bacteria, hot tubs, and pools.